RDTI Atual
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Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual
e-ISSN 2595-7155

About the journal

Revista de Direito Tributário Internacional Atual (RDTI-Atual) was created to collaborate with the development of the study of International Tax Law, joining articles that contribute to the academic and professional debate from a critical, current and consistent approach.

Organized by the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law (IBDT), bound to University of São Paulo (USP), RDTI-Atual intends to encourage the debate and the exchange of experience at national and international level, upon effective collaboration of renowned Brazilian and foreign experts as members of the editorial council, of the scientific council and the authors of articles.

The issue of RDTI-Atual will follow the international standards of appraisal, strictly in compliance with Qualis procedures of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) of the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The appraisal of the articles will follow the double blind peer review system.


Contact – rdtiatual@ibdt.org.br