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Articles submission – OJS Platform

Submission of Texts (step-by-step for submission of articles in the OJT Platform of Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual)

 The articles should be unpublished (admitted the prior publication abroad in original version, when it comes to translation to Portuguese language).

The procedure for submission of the works becomes to be controlled through OJS Platform of Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual. The submission procedure of the article should follow the procedure below:

  1. Before starting the submission of the article, author should mandatorily meet the Guidelines of Authors, which contain the formal requirements and essential information for article preparation.
  2. After having adjusted its article to the formalities required by RDTI-Atual, author should submit the article to the OJS Platform of Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual.
  3. In order to perform the submission of the article, author should go to: http://revista.ibdt.org.br/index.php/RDTIA/login
  4. By accessing the link above, author should make registration in the platform. Only making the registration is possible to submit articles for appraisal.
  5. When making the registration, author should expressly indicate the option “author” in the end of the procedure. Only then the submission of articles will be possible for appraisal.
  6. Once registration is made, there will be the option “start new submission”. Author should click on this option and start the submission procedure in five steps, which includes the submission of the attached article.
  7. It is mandatory that article does not present any identification. It is expressly prohibited that article submitted to platform contains names, titles, or any signal of identification of the work, under the penalty of immediate exclusion of the submission.
  8. Identification will occur through author´s or co-author´s registration, and not in the article. That is why it is essential that registration has correct information concerning author (full name, title, e-mail).
  9. If article is produced in co-authorship, both authors should make the registration.
  10. In the submission process of the article, is should also be included, expressly and mandatorily, co-author´s full name.
  11. Upon submission is made, author (or co-author) should promptly forward the identified version (with author(s) name(s), title) of the work to e-mail rdtiatual@ibdt.org.br, for purposes of filing (backup).
  12. Therefore, there will be two versions: one without identification (submitted to platform through registration); other with identification (sent to mentioned e-mail, for purposes of filing).
  13. In the same file of work sent to e-mail rdtiatual@ibdt.org.br, author should send, prior the work: page 1 – Title of Article; followed by identification of author(s) – full name, institution to which is bound to (university, etc.), position, address for correspondence, phone, fax, e-mail, origin State (if national) and origin country (if foreign).
  14. From the correct submission of the article to OJS platform of RDTI-Atual, author will be informed on the ongoing of the process of appraisal of its article, as well as on the result of its appraisal.
  15. Concerns related to the submission process may be sent to e-mail rdtiatual@ibdt.org.br or biblioteca@ibdt.org.br