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Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual
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Editorial policy

Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual (RDTI-Atual) publishes articles of permanent scientific nature, preferably intended to current subject matters, always in the International Tax Law field. Works such as opinions or monographs of specialization without the necessary adjustment will not be accepted; not also those that provide excess of transcriptions (which, in general, should be avoided) or footnotes. Importance will be given to the effective author´s contribution to the debate.

Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual intends to encourage authors to produce high quality articles, stimulating, that contribute to debate at national and international level, avoiding mere repetitions without reflection or update. In other words, articles merely descriptive of practices or international court precedent decisions will not be published. In this sense, RDTI-Atual intends to encourage the scientific production. The eventual rejection of articles by the scientific council is expected to be seen like an encouragement to further improvement.