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Article submission policy

Appraisal of Articles

Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual (RDTI-Atual) adopts the appraisal process known as double blind peer review. All articles should be submitted to the prior appraisal by the editor-in-chief, who previously checks the adjustment of the article to the editorial line of RDTI-Atual. After the first screening, the articles will be submitted to two reviewers of RDTI-Atual´s Scientific Council, for qualitative appraisal of content and form, without identification of authorship.  The deadline for preparation of the opinion will be of 45 days upon distribution of the article for analysis. Each reviewer may only analyze two articles per year. It will be recorded the dates: (i) of receipt of the article, (ii) of issuance of the opinion and (iii) of the communication of the result to author. With the receipt of the opinion, it will be sent to the article´s author for simple knowledge or, wishing, to incorporate the changes suggested in the Opinion, to which will be bound, or not, the authorization to publication. The article should contain around 20 pages, although rule is not absolute, and the members of the Editorial Council are responsible for considering the adjustment of the scope to the subject matter.

In exceptional events, individual invitations may be drafted for publication, exclusively resolved by the Editorial Council. Relevant information not subject to the procedure indicated above shall be published separately, in final appendix of each issue.